The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Pace Run

I'm training for a 7:20 marathon pace and this was my first pace run.  Apparently there is some benefit to following up pace runs with LSD (long slow distance).  It was difficult to pull this one off.  Mostly because of darkness and snow.  The darkness made it difficult to see my Garmin (I really need to be able to glance at it every few seconds to hold pace) and the snow provided resistance.  Thankfully my YakTrax did their job and provided good purchase.


  1. We have exactly the same amount of miles for the month. I'm so excited to see who wins.

  2. Hey Remus, I just noticed that your gayshore marathon is on the same day as my sundown marathon. What one of those Hal Higdon programs are you using? I want to try the same one and see how I do. Of course I'll be starting a week behind you and I'll be over training so I don't expect your results.