The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Run

Jack, you asked what gear I'm wearing...well, here's the line up:
Winter running gear

And to break it down a little further...following is the order I garb up for maximum efficiency since it already takes me twenty minutes from the time I get up to the time I step out the basement door into the enveloping darkness. 
exhibit A
From right to left:
1.)  Road I.D.  (hook and loop closure)
2.)  Under Armour junk containment system
3.)  cotton socks
4.)  Brooks spandex (zippers on lower legs and drawstring waist)
5.)  Garmin heart rate monitor (hook closure, requires a trip to the bathroom to splash water on myself)
6.)  poly pro base layer
exhibit B
7.)  TNF long sleeve base layer (zipper top)
8.)  Marker over layer (zipper top)
9.)  Asics 2100 series with optional YakTrax (double knot laces)
10.) reflective vest (hook and snap fasteners and button to activate the taillight)
exhibit C
11.) SWIX hat
12.) Garmin 305 which I put outside to locate satellites between steps 8 and 9 (buckle closure)
13.) fleece gloves
14.) flashlight

Pending weather conditions, occasionally I have to add another layer which is normally a vest.  Add in some stretching and a few passes on the foam roller and time slips away.  If you can think on a way to streamline this garbing process, please let me know.


  1. That made me laugh for about 5 minutes. Do you lay it out like that every night before bed? I thought those giant boots by the door were in the ensemble. You don't need to splash water on the HR strap. That should save you 10 seconds. And you could do steps 1-4 and just wear it to bed.

  2. Oh yeah and all my shoes have speed or quick laces, so the only laces I have to tie now are kindergartners or some grade 1's when they come undone.

  3. Ha' I guess I wear pretty much the same getup, I just never realized or thought about it. I often wear gators and a headlamp too. I have taken to screwing sheet metal screws in to my shoes, instead of yak trax. I found them to be too unreliable for my liking. Also, I don't wear a road ID. One of the reasons that I stopped wearing the HRM is the water splashing process. I don't like wrapping wet plastic around my chest before I go outside.
    Thanks for the photo lineup. I like your tile!