The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Run

I’m still battling that tendonitis at the Achilles insertion.  It’s a slow healer.  This piece from Once A Runner seems fitting at the moment:

“Connective tissue, that’s what gets everybody in the end.  Pound around asphalt America long enough and you’re going to wear something out for real.  We can mold the muscles, you see.  We can strengthen the mind, temper the spirit, make the heart a goddamn turbine.  But then a strand of gristle goes pop and presto you’re a pedestrian.  With a football player you can drill a hole in bone and tie the goddamn things all over the place; but a distance runner gets so much as a stone bruise, he limps a thousand miles.”

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  1. That is soo true. I have been dealing with this groin issue for two years now. I haven't been able to go full bore since. If I do I pay for it. I love that book!