The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday LSD Run

Top Ten Signs that it is March:

10.)  black ice
9.)    the birds are back thanks to Rachel Carson
8.)    shamrock shakes and green beer
7.)    fresh roadkill
6.)    sap buckets on all the local maple trees (some overflowing)
5.)    the Looking Glass river is three fold wider than normal
4.)    men on bicycles picking cans
3.)    the County Weighmaster is lurking around every turn
2.)    I don't need gloves to run
1.)    endless chatter about some basketball tournament

I can't believe how disrespectful it feels to be called an asshole for no good reason.  As I was running down Norris Road (dirt road, as rural as it gets in this area) I get approached by a young black lab.  It runs out in the road to greet me and I make peace with my extended hand.  The dog nudges my hand and then wildly bucks and gallops along side me.  After a few hundred feet and once we get to the end of the owners property I yell at the dog, waving my arms telling it to go home.  At that moment a large 60-year-old man appears on the front porch and yells, "Sassy, get back here, come on, let that asshole go."  My instant reaction was to turn around and yell "fuck you", but I refrained and instead just raised my arm high extending my middle finger as I continued down the road.  He muttered a few other things that I could not understand and that was it. 

It happened right around mile eleven and you can see how much my pace picked up out of anger.  I just couldn't let being called an a-hole roll off my back.  It's just a continuation of my study of the human condition.  People are really messed up.  I can't imagine how miserable his life must be to be calling perfect strangers names for no good reason.  Or if I give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was in the middle of a personal crisis. 


  1. hahaha, We can all be assholes at times Remus, but you got to give that rotten old moron credit for pumping up your pace a little. I sometimes wish I had an old man taunting me every couple of miles to make me run harder. Like Mickey from Rocky.

  2. Nice run, I wonder if he even considered the fact that you could be neighbors??

  3. Don't worry Remus, I'm not ready to chuck it in yet. I still have to attempt to do what I signed up for as well.

  4. I think you were supposed to stop and pet the dog for about ten minutes, then take it back to the old man. You should have turned around, tore the dogs head off and then walked up to the old man and threw it at him.