The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Road Ends Trail Half Marathon

This was my first time pacing a friend in a race.  There wasn't actually a lot of "pacing" going on but we ran the best race we could run barring recent injuries.  We ended up walking most of the bigger hills.  It was really fun to run mid-pack for a change.  There wasn't as much chatter as I've heard up front, but still a good time.  People didn't seem as happy either.  I did see a lot of really good falls and took a spill myself, but came out with only a few scratches. The weather was spot on for running.  It would have been nice to be in the mix today, but I have no regrets.  It was a great race!

Heath, way to lead 5000 people in a trail race.  It's all paying off now.  Good work.

From Once a Runner for Heath:

"People conceptualize conditioning in different ways.  Some think it's a ladder straight up.  Others see plateaus, blockages, ceilings.  I see it as a geometric spiraling upward, with each spin of the circle taking you a different distance upward.  Some spins may even take you downward, just gathering momentum for the next upswing.  Sometimes you will work your fanny off and see very little gain; other times you will amaze yourself and not really know why."

 It sounds like you are doing all the right things right now.  Keep it up and stay healthy.  I'm thinking the Sleepy Hollow Tri is going to be a massacre.  I predict you spread Jason across the course by the better part of an hour.   

Jack, outstanding work with your back to back half marathons.  I love it.  That's my kind of racing...right up against the edge of disaster.  Beautiful!!  The negative splits are very impressive too.  Did your groin bother you?  If not you are ready...nice comeback!

Tony and Marty, I wish I could have ridden Ft. Custer with you guys...that trail brings a tear to my eye.  It's so well designed to be a fast course.  Marty, it sounds like you are ready to throw down in a couple of weeks.  Practice taking off your wetsuit when its wet if you want a crisp and fast T1!   


  1. Good run Remus. I hope you're recovered for Bayshore. I didn't lead 5000 people. I said it was the first race I did here with less than 1000. It felt good anyway for the first 2K. Good luck on the last big mileage week.

  2. Nice run, that was actually still a nice long run, it was a lot of time on your feet. Any pain at all in your IT? I think your spot on for the hour that Heath will stick to Jason. Especially if he is merciless.

  3. my ladder is straight up, I just haven't started climbing yet. When I do, Game Over.

  4. Thanks guys. No problems with my IT...hopefully it doesn't flare up this week.

  5. Get ready for a Massacre Jason. I got diamonds for nuts and I piss excellence. You're gonna be the ghost of sleepy hollow when I'm done with you.