The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Few runs and a ride

I finally figured out why I can't keep pace on my runs.  As I get tired I can't lift my foot and I end up mid-foot/tow striking so bad that my toes jam to the ground almost stopping me every step.  Very painful, but I will work it out. 

I wanted to ride further, but didn't have time.  It was a beautiful morning.

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  1. What up? You miss me? Your pace looks fine. Why are you so worried about it? You're lucky to be running at all. I think you're foot is healing at a normal if not accelerated pace. Stop bashing it and making it worse. If I were you I'd be cycling every day and no running. Without the impingement of 185 1bs on it and the constant rotation on the bike, I bet it would heal faster.