The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 7-10

On September 7 I decided that I needed to stop trying to run.  It's wasn't helping me in any way; physically or mentally.  Every step, an exercise in excruciating agony.  Through July and August I tried to run, tried to be my old self, but it just didn't work. 

Since my surgery I took my shot for 104.35 miles or roughly 183,000 foot falls.  Not a single step was enjoyable by any stretch of the imagination.  Almost every mile was run out of anger and regret.  That's no way to run...

As the miles piled up my right knee hurt worse and worse.  The tendons were working overtime compensating for my lack of foot function.  Before long my knee was "boggy" and hurting every minute of every day.  I was losing sleep.  I stubbornly tried to run through it, but eventually realized it was not possible this time.

On May 6 my body was forever changed.  I've slowly accepted the fact that more likely than not, I will never be the same and will never recover 100%.  This is not me giving up, so please don't read that into it.  Its just me being realistic and making what I believe is a good decision towards forward progress with my recovery.  

So I ended up getting a light that is bright enough for me to safely cycle in the dark.


  1. I hope that you are able to run again someday. It's definitely a wise decision to cool it for awhile. I know that you can mess your knees up just from small compensating adjustments in your stride, I can't imagine the potential for injury with the adjustments you were making. I hope something helps fill the void. Cycling looks like its going well. Is that light working out for you??

  2. Sorry to hear that, keep rocking the bike.

  3. Uncle Remus,

    You are making the wise choice. Let your body heal, make the bike your focus and you will rock it as much as your running. Hopefully, as you continue to recover, you will have the option of running again if you so choose.

    You have been an inspiration to me both before and after the injury. Even though I'm not even at Remus running level from '07, much less from '10 or early '11, I'm improving and will continue to do so. I aim to make you proud, though I'm not committing to a 3:15 marathon (I think it is dropping to 3:10 in 2013!). I will keep following your biking career and I hope you chime in with a few sage pieces of running advice for me from time to time.