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Friday, October 7, 2011

Luton Park

This was my first ride at Luton and I loved it.  Plenty of good old tree dodging and a nice mix of terrain in a beautiful wooded setting.  You know the trails are tight when you have to dip your shoulder to thread the needle between trees. 

I was extremely happy with my new bike that Tony has affectionately named "Stumpy".  I am however still getting comfortable with the super wide bars that they run these days on 29'ers.  I managed to catch the grip on a small sapling which sent me over the handlebars and earned me a deep tissue bruise in my lower leg.  Additionally, I had a mishap while riding one-handed and shooting video of Tony with the other hand.

secret portal through the Red Pines

 Another ride in the darkness.

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  1. I liked that trail too, but wanted to hit it about 3 more times. I would ride it everyday if I was Marty.