The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday LSD Run

I stepped outside this morning to a beautiful 12-15 mph wind and freezing rain.  With the wind in my face and chunks of ice beating down on me I thought about turning back...I wanted to quit.  I scanned through the next few months of training in my head, thinking about the pending 40-mile weeks in March and the 50-milers in April.  "Are you nuts?"  I said to myself.  I was running on ice, both literally and figuratively.  Would this be the day my Achilles tendon detaches at the insertion?  Would the ice, wind and rain push me to my breaking point?  Every step a plunge into the seas of unknown.  Each footfall placed gingerly to ensure purchase.  Slowly a reversing effect washed over me.  As I saw it, the unknown keeps us honest.  Keeps us sharp.  Gives hope in its own way.  A change of heart indeed.  I dug in, slipped into my semi-unconsciousness state and said to myself, "it's only ten miles, you've got this."

two hours post the gray wetness

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  1. ADVERSITY. It's funny how the seemingly short runs can affect our phsyche's. I wasn't battling wind or ice, but that's how I felt on today's 10 miler.