The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Run

I got chased by a dog again this morning.  I swear it only had three legs.  I shined my light on it and it looked strange so I turned around to get a better look.  I couldn't tell for sure but something wasn't right...pretty sure it was the absence of one leg.  So I'm running backwards laughing at this ugly beast chasing me and I almost fell down.  I whipped around to catch my balance and ended up straining my back in the process.  I think it was worth it because a three legged dog is pretty dang funny looking.  You can see my pace and heart rate spike right around 42 min. 

Google image-looked something like this but needs further investigation


  1. At least you have interesting things happen once in a while on your run. Were you prepared to take out one of its remaining legs?

  2. I wish it would have slapped its rabies tongue on you.