The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Run

I have a little update on my 3-legged friend.  I went to the house yesterday to try to talk to the owner about his dogs.  I don't mind them chasing me, but sometimes they give chase for up to a 1/4 mile.  I'm actually worried that a car may level them and I felt an obligation to let the owner know about it. 

The house is a rental owned by Terry Hanks (Scumdance Chevrolet) so I was a little edgy knocking on the door.  As I stood on the deck looking in at the living room, I noted overflowing ashtrays, empty beer cans and lots of camouflage clothing.  Over my left shoulder the two dogs were behind a chain-link fence barking up a storm.  As it turned out the owner was not home so I left a note.  By the looks of the property I expect to continue to get chased by the dogs daily.  If they get leveled, I won't care, not my problem at this point and I tried.

As I stood there scrawling out the note I was face to face with the 3-legged beast.  I got a really good look at his stump.  The reason it looked so funny in the waning light was that there is a rather large furry stump still intact.  To add to the mess, there was a bunch of loose skin hanging from the 3-4" of stump skin.  It's one of the ugliest dogs I've ever seen too, just a mess to look at.   

My back is still in pretty rough shape too, very stiff, but it will be ok. 


  1. Hmm. Now a giant redneck is offended and gonna have to bust a cap in you. You could always grind up some glass and mix it in to some meat and drop it in the guys yard. Stumpy will be dead in a couple of days. Pretend he's a coyote!

  2. hahaha. Funny stuff Remus. "3-4 inch of stump skin." I thought you were talking about a turgid Jason. Can you get a photo of it some time? I want to see the mess.

  3. I'm gonna guess that the dog won't be missed by the owner much. Sounds like its had a run in with a car already. Heath, you must be thinking about the blown out post-op trannies you've been with, dangling meat curtains.