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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wednesday SS Ride

just before all hell broke loose
Another ride on my single speed.  My goal was to get to the old Vermillion Point life saving station but I fell short due to a really nasty storm that rolled in off the lake.  It came fast and unleashed massive amounts of fury directly on me.  I wasn't afraid for my life, but afraid enough to get my bike up to 20 MPH on flat ground as I was running from the storm.

When the rain came it was a total whiteout.  I couldn't see very well, but just kept riding.  There is something about being caught in the rain that just makes you feel alive.  It didn't bother me a bit.  Oh, and I ran over a snake in the road.

It was a pretty solid five days in the UP as the weather was spot on, the big lake uncharacteristically warm and almost no bugs to speak of. 

Later that day #1 and I went for a 20 mile quad ride.  Good times.

is it legal to ride on the beach?

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