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Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Run

I had wanted to get more running in this week, but it just didn't work out that way.  This was my longest run since early May and I felt really fortunate to be on this route again.  It was a difficult run for me, but I'm still trying to work out my stride and regain my fitness.

looking West towards Au Sable Lighthouse
Later in the day we took the kids to Grand Sable Dunes just West of Grand Marais.  We took them to the Log Slide, which is a 300' dune that they used 100 years ago to slide logs down so they could use Lake Superior to move them.  I took the girls down and quickly found out that it is much more treacherous than it was when I last visited in 2003.  The dune has eroded down to several clay bands that have formed vertical walls making it difficult and dangerous to negotiate.  It wasn't bad getting them down, but proved much more challenging getting back up.  On the return trip the three of us worked our way through the clay bands together.  I spotted the girls as they made third class moves over a series of short ledges.  It felt like a real adventure and I was very surprised how well #1 did.  #2 needed a lot of help and shed plenty of tears, but made it mostly under her own power.  I'm proud of them both.

looking East to Grand Sable Dunes

Another calm day on the big lake.  We spent a majority of the day at the mouth of Hurricane River letting the kids play in the water and swimming over the sandstone bottom of Lake Superior. 
do the dew!

This guy seemed to be following us around all day.  He was doing pushups on the beach just a few feet from me...for no reason! 

view from the top
ready to descend

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  1. wow, that dune looks huge! I need those MD shorts!