The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September 14-17

This was the follow up to my ride with Tony and I felt really good.

It was very cold this morning, but I had a great ride and just a few cold toes.

They called it the Triple Trail Challenge.  It was advertised as a 45 mile trail ride but I had a hard time logging 38 miles.  Granted I started my Garmin about a mile into the ride, but 45 miles was way off and I was disappointed.  But the ride was great with great company.  I absolutely love running on the Poto but riding this trail is so much better.  You really get to feel the ebb and flow of the miles of beautiful single track.  Also, with hundreds of other riders you can actually see/feel the trail as you ride the wheel of a 10-man line.  It's a really cool feeling!  My single speed was a machine and the gearing was perfect for this trail.  I had no problems.  The weather was spot on and I loved every mile!

Matt and Tony working it out.

Closed to bikers 364 days a year!

The boys on route.

Really?  But they had free beer!

As it turns out you only need ONE gear! 

Tony and Remus...beers in hand!  

 This was a really great ride and I'm so glad I did it.  I was worried that my back wasn't ready...but that thought became a distant memory as soon as I got my tires on the Poto...its been a few years.  Apparently the other two trails were Waterloo and Lakeland. Waterloo is the trail system that is normally closed to bikers.  It's only opened one day a year.  I feel honored.

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