The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Still wearing shorts

What a great winter we are having.  I got in a nice ride on Sunday and feel like the trainer is doing a good job of maintaining my legs as my pace was consistent with where I left off six weeks ago.  I'm pleased with my running efforts as well.  I wish I were putting up more miles, but still  have not run on back to back days.  Just waiting for my time.  I'm planning to start spending two hours a week in the pool.  Prividing that my efforts pay off, I'm hoping to open up 2012 with a sprit tri in May.


  1. Keep it up. Outside of the fact that I'm still horribly out of shape, I can't wait to rock Ft. Custer with you.

  2. You're still in tight shorts!? I thought you gave those up. I heard those were the reason your foot went numb. Not good on the junk either.