The trial of miles; miles of trials.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breakthrough week

I was due to make some gains and have a really strong week of training and I feel like last week gave me a big physical and mental boost.  I'm excited to be getting at least some of my fitness back. 

It started on Sunday with a solid 18-mile dirt road tour on my mountain bike in shorts.  That's pretty good for mid-February riding.

I kicked off Monday morning with a reasonable run just under five miles.

My alarm went off at 4:30 AM on Tuesday and by 4:55 AM I was in the pool for 2050 yards of swimming.

On Wednesday AM I managed four miles at just under 8 min. pace and followed up with 45 min. on the trainer.  That evening it was back to the pool where Jason pushed me to 2250 yards in an hour flat.

I should have rested Thursday but was having too good of a week so I got up and did 60 min. on the trainer.

I was going to save a longer run for Saturday but changed my mind at the last minute and got up at 4:30 AM for seven miles.

On Saturday Tony and I had planned a dirt road ride, but due to technical difficulties with his back it couldn't happen.  Instead I decided to attempt my first back to back run since May of 2011.  I was excited to see the mercury hanging just below 7 degrees F and to see the North wind whipping across the field.  My original plan was to do a short three mile run, but under sunny, crisp skies I couldn't help myself and pulled off just under 5 miles.  I didn't intend to run fast, but once I saw my first mile at 7:45 I went for it.  It was a huge breakthrough run for me and felt so good in the process.  I should have called it a week after that, but was so jacked up about my run I decided to do 60 min. on the trainer.

Last week helped me remember that there really are no excuses; 4:30 starts, two-a-days, bricks and frigid icy conditions, all in a weeks work.  MAKE IT HAPPEN!


  1. Nice week Matt!! I had a great week myself.

  2. wow, will my comment actually publish this time? Glad your back up and running high-speed again! I knew you'd make it happen.