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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dead 305

In the past 2.5 years my Garmin 305 has never failed me, not even once.  It worked fine yesterday and fully uploaded my recent activities without fail.  Last night the display read "battery charging is complete".  Today it would not power up.  Dead.  No response.  Nothing.  I docked it on the charger and nothing happened.  Garmin Connect doesn't recognize it.  A quick internet search yielded no related troubleshooting ideas.  I've put about 500 hours on it so that is about $.30 an hour.  Perhaps I've gotten my use out of it...fair enough.  I'm getting a Garmin 310XT.

The past few weeks have been going pretty good.  I've been at it 5-6 days a week with two-a-days twice a week.  Been spending two hours a week in the pool, averaging a measly 15-20 miles on the run and a couple hours on the trainer.  My body is holding up pretty well although my right knee has been hurting a bit so I've had ice on it daily.  My right heel has been sore since the beginning of January (before I even started running again); I assume my Achilles is acting up.  I accept and expect the nagging injuries and will continue to work through them.

The Barry Roubaix is coming up in three weeks and I'm nervous already.  I believe the field is around 1500 riders and there will be pro racers.  I hear the course is hilly.  I'm scared.

I was out today for 22 miles on a dirt road mountain bike tour.  I often feel like a weenie out there on the rural roads in my colorful half-spandex suit bombing the dirt like a maniac.  Today was no different.  Sometimes I feel like I should be doing more "manly" activities with my free time than sitting on a four and half inch wide seat, fully clad in synthetic wicking fabric, pedaling to a cadence of high-efficiency washing machine on the ultra-fast spin cycle.  The following is a short synopsis of my observations today:

1.) On Jason Road I passed a smoke-filled garage with a t-shirt wearing guy tuning a snowmobile.  The rear of the sled was hanging from a makeshift lift attached to the rafters.  Said guy appeared to be testing the track tension as he stood next to the machine holding the throttle to a deafening 9000 RPM's.  Smoke, dust and bits of gravel were peppering the minivan parked on the approach to the garage.

2.)  On Forest Hill Road there was a man in knee-boots smashing the shit out of D-3 dozer track with a sledge hammer.  He was covered head to toe in mud with a cigarette precariously clinging to his lower lip.

3.)  On Lehman Road I saw a guy running a chainsaw in a pair of Kevlar assless chaps while is son operated a 30-ton homemade log splitter behind him.

4.)  On Williams Road, in a large open field, there was a man wearing earmuffs staring into the sky.  He appeared to be holding something in his hands.  I soon realized that he was operating a RC airplane.

Aside from the minivan, cigarette and assless chaps I though observations 1-3 seemed reasonably manly and was feeling a bit like the weenie of Olive Township for the day.  It wasn't until observation number 4 that I was able to check my potentially irrational insecurities and move on with the task at hand.  It turned out to be a fantastic ride with little mud and only a slightly annoying Northwest wind.

 You be the judge of the true Olive Twp. weenie.  See my poll at the top left of this page.

On Saturday I was planning to put up a 10-12 mile run but ended up locking into a decent pace that felt good for a change.  Instead of being greedy and risking a setback I went for quality over quantity and cut the run to 8 miles.  It felt really, really good.  This may sound strange, but due to the lack of feeling in my right foot it has taken me two months to figure out that my shoe has not been laced tight enough.  I knew I had less lace to tie on the right side, but thought it was because of the AFO I have been wearing.  As it turns out, my foot has been slopping around in my shoe and subsequently driving my toes into the end of the toe-box.  Once I finally got things figured out I had a much better run and attribute my discovery to the ease of my quicker pace.

 been trying to get a picture of this wooly beast all winter 

You all take care and be safe out there.  Cheers!


  1. Sorry to hear about your watch problems. My Garmin is my friend and I would be sad if it broke.

    Glad to see that your runs are going better.

    The chaps guy is the weenie, though your description of your outfit does nothin' for ya. Since you were chugging along on your bike like mad, that negates some of the weenieness. :P

  2. OMG...I need to touch that animal. So furry! It's got like an Amish beard or something!

    Good work buddy. I don't know how you find so much time to train. I will only ever be half the man as you, because I just can't dedicate myself that much. I need more psycho in my daily diet I guess.

    BTW, you're only a weenie if you wear pink spandex.

    All items (1-4) is why I love cycling so much. How the hell else are you going to see those types of things!!?! HA

  3. You are truly Weenieless. Congratulations.

  4. Sucks about the watch. Keep up the good work.